Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Microwave popcorn just doesn't do it for me; the partially hydrogenated oil and the grease etc. so I invested in a stove top hand crank popcorn popper from Frontier Co-op. We got the popper today and we are eating our first batch of popcorn, DELICIOUS!! It didn't burn and W. was able to help!

I took a glass jar to the Bexley Natural Market tonight to put the kernels in and W. dropped it, shattering the jar and spilling the popcorn all over the floor. The staff was very helpful in cleaning up the mess. They were just happy that the spill was a dry one and not a jar of sauce or some other liquid.

I was apprehensive to give W. popcorn because the last time he ate popcorn was about a year ago at Planks Pizzeria. I believe he choked on a kernel and started coughing and couldn't stop so he ended up throwing up all over the floor. (EMBARRASSING!!!)

Here's a picture of W. eating his first homemade non-microwave popcorn.

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Abigail said...

I love, love, LOVED our old-fashioned popper! Believe it or not, it just broke two days ago, and I miss it already. (Your post was no help--haha!) This is such a great photo of William! :)