Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday Todd worked at Cafe Brioso. W. and I spent the day gardening. We weeded the front garden and planted the begonias I purchased from a school fundraiser.

Sunday we attended church then hit Oakland Nursery to pick up the rest of my vegetables and herbs. I got 3 Beefsteak tomatoes, yellow, red and jalepeno peppers, 3 burpless cucumbers, Italian and curly parsley, rosemary, and basil. These plants are in addition to the sugar snap peas, watemelon, canteloupe, zucchini, Roma tomatoes, and tomatillos that are already in the ground.

Today we played outside again and went to the grocery store. On the way home, about 1:00, W. stated matter-0f-factly that he was not going to take a nap and then proceded to fall asleep in the car about 10 minutes later. After W.'s nap we went to the community open house at the newly remodeled Lincoln Theater. The place is state-of-the-art! I hope to see a show there someday. At the end of the day we had ice cream cones on our front porch.

I hope your weekend was enjoyable too!

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