Sunday, February 22, 2009

We got a Wii today!

Here is Dad helping W. bowl.

Khalida Tribe at Havana, Columbus, Ohio

Monday, February 16, 2009

Two older pictures from my cellphone

This one is after he took a bath last week. He's being super cheesy;-)
This one is from around Christmas. Remember that day when it was unusually warm? We took his scooter down our alley and across the street to the synagogue parking lot.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sick, again?!?!

Happy Valentine's Day!

As W. and I were leaving for work yesterday he got sick a little bit. I ended up taking the day off and staying home w/him. I don't believe he was really very sick as he didn't throw up again. He has had a cold which I thought was just teething until a day or two ago. It's a very mild cold. I feel like he's been sick ALL 2009.

So since I got to stay home yesterday I made some whole wheat bread. It turned out a little too dense for my taste but it made good french toast this am.

Here is a pic of W. enjoying the weather out on our front porch. He's big enough to look over the porch without scaring me too much.

I did check his temperature but he did not have a fever. W. likes to hold the thermometer but HATES it when you try to put it under his arm. I think what he really hates having his arm held in place. Don't try to hold a 2 year-old down!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

our potty learning journey

I am AMAZED at how easy this potty learning thing is going for us. We've got the peeing down pat now we just need to "catch" W. before he poops in his undies. He's notorious for doing that.

We spent the morning cleaning the house then for a treat we went to We didn't stay long b/c my goal was to tire him out so he would nap today (he's notorious for skipping naps on Saturdays). I was successful!! He fell asleep on the 2 mile trip home. When he wakes up we are going to visit his Uncle and Cousin for a playdate. I hope to get Dad to join us.

More favorite authors/books...
  1. Donald Crews
  2. Mo Willems
  3. Cutie Pie by Matthew J. Kempler
  4. Potty Time by Guido Van Genechten
  5. Curious George books especially Curious George Visits the Aquarium