Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sick, again?!?!

Happy Valentine's Day!

As W. and I were leaving for work yesterday he got sick a little bit. I ended up taking the day off and staying home w/him. I don't believe he was really very sick as he didn't throw up again. He has had a cold which I thought was just teething until a day or two ago. It's a very mild cold. I feel like he's been sick ALL 2009.

So since I got to stay home yesterday I made some whole wheat bread. It turned out a little too dense for my taste but it made good french toast this am.

Here is a pic of W. enjoying the weather out on our front porch. He's big enough to look over the porch without scaring me too much.

I did check his temperature but he did not have a fever. W. likes to hold the thermometer but HATES it when you try to put it under his arm. I think what he really hates having his arm held in place. Don't try to hold a 2 year-old down!

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