Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

Blue Cotton Candy, need I say more?
W's 3rd Columbus Clippers game. Being silly with Mom.
He got his face in this one well and I had to smile.For the longest time W. REFUSED to wear collared shirts b/c they bothered him. He put one the other day for Melani and realized that collars really aren't that bad. Today for church, he put one on and I had to take a picture of my guys all dressed up!
This is from today.We played outside in the pool and sprinkler, he came in and had lunch then he fell asleep watching Peter Pan.

My man, my girls and my son

Congratulations Todd!!! He's officially a Capital University Alumni!!! I'm so proud of him!
The bride, her bridesmaids and her Mommy getting ready for the bachelorette party festivities. I haven't stayed out since 3am for a LONG time!
W. playing in his sandbox. Is that the evil eye or just bad timing?
Gorgeous little man!
My farm hand. No farmer tan here!!