Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my camera is broken :-(

so I haven't taken any pictures (except w/my cell phone.) I feel like I am missing lots of chances to take still pictures. I have been videoing him in day-to-day life more though. He has been enjoying watching the videos. I just hook the camera right up to the TV. It's the only TV he REALLY watches.

W. has started counting or rather singing the Electric Company's jingle. It's very cute because he "counts" so fast he often gets red in the face. He also replaces "7" and "11" with Evan.

Tonight on the way to our mechanic in Hilliard we passed at least 2 Giant Eagle grocery stores and he pointed them out to me. These were not "our" stores. I was amazed and called Todd right away.

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Kelly said...

How cute that W knows what store is "yours." :)