Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An attempt at an update

My camera is still broken. My wonderful mother-in-law is letting me borrow her old camera, which is awesome, but I don’t have a way to hook it up to the computer yet so I still cannot post any pictures. I have been taking some pics and when I get the pictures off the camera I will likely post a ton!!

W. went for his 2 year well-baby visit on Friday. The Dr. talked to us a lot about his nutrition. He eats fairly well but was concerned that he doesn’t consume enough green vegetables. The only green veggies I can get him to eat on a regular basis are cucumbers (and I had been peeling the skin off for him-read taking away all the vitamins and nutrients.) Since the appointment I have only been peeling part of the skin off the cucumbers. We also discussed increasing his yogurt/cheese consumption because he has taken antibiotics twice since he was about a year old. Dr. also wrote on his chart that he was articulate. Yes, our 2-year-old son is ARTICULATE and we are proud. He had some blood drawn to check his hemoglobin, blood sugar and lead levels. His lead level was 6 at his 1 year check-up. Normal lead levels range from 1-10. Dr. is not all that concerned but wants to keep an eye on it. The Dr. called me yesterday to report that his lead level is now at 7 and his other levels look great. She wants me to contact the health department to have them evaluate our home for lead. I will be doing this soon.

W. had his 2nd birthday on Saturday. We had a great time!! Thanks to all that joined us!! He got a ton of great books, big boy underwear, jammies, toys and a 3-wheeled scooter. He loves the scooter and is really good at it already. That super MIL also made the coolest birthday cake EVER. It was shaped like The Very Hungry Caterpillar from the Eric Carle book. W. couldn’t wait to have some cake so before the party even started GM was kind enough to cut some for him. He may not have eaten all that much cake but did devour the icing (just like his Dad and Mom.)

W. is VERY into watching videos of himself on TV from our video camera. It is the only TV I can get him to watch. He’ll occasionally watch a Bob The Builder DVD but never becomes engrossed in it like he does when he watches himself. I can actually get dinner made or dishes washed when he watches it.

BIG BOY BED!! We converted his crib into the toddler bed on Tuesday. He was excited. He went to bed without any hesitation and slept well until about 2:00AM when I found him on the floor. He cried out like he normally does and when I tried to put him back in his bed after comforting he said “Daddy” so I took him to our bed until he fell asleep about an hour later. I put him back in the toddler bed and tucked him in. He stayed there until about 5:15AM when I found him on the floor again. This time he came to our bed until Todd’s alarm went off. I would have to say that was a successful transition. We’ll see how the next few nights go…

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Abigail said...

Happy Birthday, William! How exciting the doctor called him "articulate"! That's awesome! Congrats on the new bed too. Hugs!