Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am officially back to work

I started work yesterday. I have one school that is the same as last year, but a brand new building and 3 completely new schools. I am working with 4 different nurses at each of my buildings. Having new nurses to work with always makes the beginning of the year interesting. I have to figure out how they work. I also need to make friends with the principals, secretaries, custodians and teachers at all of my schools. And the kids wonder why I can never remember their names.

W. has had a good time the past 2 days with Melani and A. Today he woke from his nap before A. did and he wanted to wake her up. Of course Melani would not let him:-) They went to storytime at the library this morning. The read books about money.

Here's a shot of W. eating the yummy, juicy watermelon I picked up the farmers market last Friday. He has loved the watermelon and cantaloupe but was not real interested in the corn. The corn was super sweet and delicious, even Todd liked it!


Kelly said...

Back to work, huh? Are you glad, or does it suck? Sorry I missed your call the other day (glad going to the library makes you think of me!!!); I've been super busy since ODU's started. Hope to see you soon! Hugs to William!!! XOXO

Nikki said...

Oh work is busy but I do like it! I miss the boy a whole lot though. At least I know he is getting loved by Melani and Sarah when I am working. Yes let's get together soon!!