Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday, our last weekday before I go back to work...

I woke up and got out of bed before W. did today. That is unusual for us. Once he did wake up we opened his curtain to let the sunshine in and we saw a huge digger getting ready to tear down a building. Needless to say we watched the digger doing its work for quite a long time. Here's a picture of the digger in action.

We took Xiola to the park after watching the digger work. When we got back we headed downtown to the Pearl Alley Farmer's Market. We got a cantaloupe, watermelon and some fresh corn, all picked at 6 am this morning. Yummmmmm. Can't wait to eat it!

We had bagels with cream cheese (a new thing that I have discovered that W. loves) at Cafe Brioso before going up to Cardington to see Grampy and Mimi.

At Grampy and Mimi's we played in the sandbox, fed the fish; Flip and Flop, watched the frog jump in the pond, put some pictures in to frames, and read 3 different Eric Carle books.

On the way back to Columbus we stopped to get an ice cream cone at Whipple's in Ashley. W. did a fantastic job eating his junior size twist. I had to lick it to keep it from dripping on him but he didn't get a drop of ice cream on his shirt. Once we left there W. fell asleep and he has not gotten up yet. I wonder if he'll sleep through the night or wake up soon?!?!?!

Here is a street level picture of what the demolition looks like now. They made good progress in a day!

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