Saturday, July 11, 2009

The ZOO!!

I love shots from the back and this one where they are holding hands is just precious. They were walking toward the carousel for a ride after playing in the playground at the zoo.

D and W "rididng" the warthog.

My boys (minus Ian) relaxing at lions.

This is W. in his Applacian Uprising shirt from Melani. He LOVES the musical birthday cards I got for my birthday. He can play with them endlessly.

I just like this picture:-)

Here's my front garden as or July 1. My house has much more curb appeal now. Thanks Sarah for the donation of lilies and hostas.

This is one of the beautiful lilies that bloomed the other day. When I went back outside the very next day the blossom was GONE! I am so excited that I got a great picture of it.

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