Tuesday, March 31, 2009

(This was supposed to be posted a week ago. This weekend I was ill with the flu so we did absolutely NOTHING!!!)
Well we’ve been busy enjoying the spring weather.

On Saturday we visited Grampy in Cardington. I needed to get some of Mom’s clothes to donate to our church and load up on Easter goodies. I got a ton of plastic Easter eggs and baskets for our Easter bunny visit. I told W. I was helping the Easter bunny this year because he’s too busy to do it all by himself.

On Sunday we dug up some of the front yard because we are going to plant some flowers and shrubs there. A friend with a roto-tiller is coming over this weekend to really dig up the area and make beds. W. will love helping!

On Tuesday we went for an early morning walk around the neighborhood and after A. napped (W. skipped his nap.) we went to Jeffery Mansion Park in Bexley. We had a wonderful time until we got home. W. threw the worst ever tantrum. It lasted for an entire hour! Because he skipped his nap, I knew we were in for some trouble. He ended up crashing out around 7PM and sleeping the rest of the night.

On a swing at Jeffery Mansion Park

Wednesday was a great day but we didn’t get to enjoy the outside because of the rain.

Some of W’s new favorite books are by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha (a wife and husband team.) Their website is www.andreaanddavid.com
Fire Engine Man,
Digger Man,
Fire! Fire! Hurry! Hurry!,
Trashy Town,

We’ve also starting reading books about Easter. I’d really like to find a book or two about Easter that relate to Jesus and the REAL reason we celebrate Easter. If you know of any books like that I’d love to hear from you!

W. and I have been preparing for the Easter bunny. Here's all the Easter stuff we collected from my Mom's stash.

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