Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bison Burgers on the Grill

We've been big fans of bison for years. Here are some facts about it's health benefits (per 100grams of cooked lean meat)
  • Bison 2.42 g fat
  • Chicken 7.41 g fat
  • Beef 9.28 g fat
  • Bison 143 calories
  • Chicken 190 calories
  • Beef 211 calories
  • Bison 82 mg cholesterol
  • Chicken 89 mg cholesterol
  • Beef 86 mg cholesterol

I finally gave up cutting W.'s burgers and gave him 1/2 a sandwich tonight. He did wonderful! A lot less messy. W. loves mayonnaise on his burger, just like his father.

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Todd said...


Another good one is Ostrich meat - very tasty, and very healthy. Give it a try.